Ryan Deiss is holding the ‘Traffic & Conversion Summit’ on January 27-29 at Hyatt Regency Hotel,  Austin, TX. In this summit, Ryan Deiss, MaryEllen Tribby and Perry Belcher will teach new Digital Marketing strategies, tactics and tricks.

Deiss and his team will deliver 12 sessions during this summit.

Deiss says, “Here is a peak at our schedule and a smidgen of what you’ll leave Austin with….

  • “Glue Pages”- How to build web pages and blog posts designed to hold readers attention 6 times longer than an ordinary page, giving Google time to rack up serious SEO brownie points for your site.
  • The 2 Foot Wall Tactic”- How to uncover ‘competition free’ BUY terms in every niche so you can rank #1-3 in Google for in just days, for less than a $5 one time cost
  • “The Godfather Effect”- How adding Google elements to your site will give you an immediate increase in page rank and placement as easy as ‘cut and paste’.
  • “Press Release Profits”- Why Google EATS-UP this one type of press release and how you can easily take THREE spots on page one OVERNIGHT using them.
  • “Link-Lasagna”- The BIG reason all major SEO experts have abandoned link building efforts forever, because of this one set-it-and-forget-it tactic.

Plus much more about FREE traffic from search engines… ”

Ryan Deiss’ ‘Traffic & Conversion Summit’ January 27-29, Austin, TX