Hosting events to promote your brand and products. But for making your events successful you should communicate effectively with your prospects and customers.

Content Marketing Institute columnist Stephanie Stahl has shared five tips to use content marketing for creating excitement among the attendees.

Stahl says, “I share five ideas for pre-event content that you are welcome to steal as you plan your next event. And I’d love to hear about some of your favorites in the comments.

1. Create educational and fun videos to define event topics or goals

Short videos can give prospects and attendees a sneak peek at event topics and speakers. The CMI team posted videos before the 2017 Intelligent Content Conference (spoiler alert: we’ll do it again for ICC 2018 because they were effective). The videos were educational, but producer (and CMI Chief Strategy Advisor) Robert Rose also kept them lighthearted and funny to make them worth the three to five minutes people would spend watching them.

They were designed to help marketers better understand tools and innovations behind content strategy – the topic of the conference. Subjects like augmented realitycontent auditslocalization, and journey mapping were part of the video series that were shared on the ICC event blog, promoted in emails, and posted to YouTube in the months leading up to the event. In each case, the ICC presenter on the topic was mentioned and additional related content was offered”.

Pre-Event Content: 5 Tips for Creating Excitement (and a Bit of FOMO)

Content Marketing Institute