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Friday, October 28, 2016
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Membership Sites ’ Category

Free WP membership plugin: Start your own profitable membership site #ad

Henry Zeng just released software that makes it easy to set up a membership site on WordPress; his Free WordPress Membership Plugin. With this plugin, you can: • Sell Subscription Services for ongoing payments, monthly, weekly or even yearly • Create WordPress Pages that allow Members to view their Purchase History, Modify Profiles, etc. • Sell Digital Products from your site • Easily Organize your Membership Site structure using the WordPress menu • Drip-Feed Content to deliver a Series of Items over time • Setup One-Time Offers with Multiple Membership Levels and Upgrades • Offer... (Read More ...)

Profit Builder coming tomorrow; video training today #ad

Sean Donahoe is launching WP Profit Builder tomorrow. It it’s a WordPress page builder ising the latest technology..It features a remarkable “Template Deployment System” so you can easily use a built-in template, make a few changes, and have a custom page for any of your marketing needs in just a few minutes. Here are some of the types of pages you can create with ProfitBuilder: • Squeeze Pages. • Sales Pages. • Webinar Pages. • Membership Portals. • Product Review Pages Leading up to his launch tomorrow, Donahoe has created three training videos that... (Read More ...)

Easy Member Pro limited time discount #ad

New and improved (version 3) Easy Member Pro was just announced and it’s on sale today only for about $44 (on a dime sale). But the prie is set to rise even higher soon. You will see thew countdown timer on the site. (It seems to be a personalized timer; your deadline is different from someone else’s. For us, the deadline has already passed, but for you, maybe not. It was invented by Kim Standerline, who has now partnered with Richard Fairbairn and Simon Warner to take it public to the whole marketing community. Easy Member Pro is easy to use, solid, secure and functionally rich. This... (Read More ...)

Moguls Membership Site Launch Pad: Build a membership site quickly, easily #ad

Andrew Hunter wanted a membership site of his own, but he noticed that it’s a real challenge to get build such a site, launch it, and start signing up members (especially for the “technically challenged”). He decided he needed to create a tool for people like him, a tool that non-technical people can use with confidence. The result is Moguls Membership Site Launch Pad. In this new product, you are getting not only the software you need, but also complete training on installing it and a guide to attracting traffic and signing up members for your new site. The heart of this product is the new... (Read More ...)

How to create a membership Site #ad

Mark Salmon just announced Membership Millionaires Bootcamp, to show you how to create a profitable membership site. As you might guess, it’s delivered on a membership site, itself. In fact, “bootcamp” is actually an understatement. Besides taking you through the process is training sessions, Salmon also gives you software to make setting up your membership site straightforward and quick. Specifically, he includes: • A membership plugin that matches the powers and capabilities of much more expensive membership scripts, can be deployed within 5 minutes and is extremely simple... (Read More ...)

NitroWealth PLR Membership: Get your online business started for $1.95 #ad

Aurelius Tjin is a familiar name to readers of IM NewsWatch. He has been an online marketer for years and years, from his home-base in Australia. He is a prolific product creator and has earned a reputation as a builder of good PLR. IM NewsWatch has advertised many of his products, and has even bought some for our own use. Now, he has created a systematic opportunity to get his PLR products on a regular basis. He calls it his NitroWealth PLR Membership. It’s a “club” or a “membership group” where members are given first access to new PLR products he creates. Each month... (Read More ...)

Monthly recurring income with membership sites #ad

Yesterday, Matt Kendo and his partner, Joe, released Membership Site Creation, an e-book Course covering everything needed to start a membership site, without the usual fluff. This is a “How to” guide for creating membership sites, written for beginners. Look at some of the topics it covers: Module 1: Hosting and domain Module 2: Setting up a membership site with Optimize and Wish list Module 3: Free and Paid themes and plugins Module 4: Essential Pages for any membership site Module 5: Membership to-do list Module 6: Graphics for Membership site They have created a video, on their... (Read More ...)

Evergreen Niche Membership Sites for long-term income #ad

Some people try to make money from fads and short-term trends. These can bring in some income, but it isn’t stable; soon people stop caring about that fad and move on to another one. For stable income, you need to market in an “evergreen” niche, one that has staying power; one that will be important as long as there are people with problems and concerns. You can best benefit from the evergreen niches by viewing each prospective customers as someone you can help during a long-term relationship. Invite them to be members of your exclusive website, where they will find a continuing... (Read More ...)

FB Member Press: Build a membership site on Facebook #ad

Your WordPress site can be transformed into a membership site, and that membership site can be embedded in Facebook with FB Member Press. This membership site theme, by John Leonard, has a lot of features that make it a good home for a membership site: • FB Member Press works with all membership plugins Leonard tested, even free ones. So there Is no need to buy any new plugins. • Use your own custom header so your site is tailored to the look you need. • Customizable login form for your members • Customizable sidebar and widget area for membership special features • Supports... (Read More ...)

FB Member Press builds membership sites on Facebook #ad

John Leonard just released FB Member Press, which lets you build attractive and feature-rich membership sites on Facebook. This is a WordPress theme that can create a membership site either on Facebook (the content is fed from the WordPress site, which would stay in the background), or if you prefer, directly on WordPress. This theme is structured so that it will fit on your Facebook fan page perfectly. Your membership site includes: • A login page so that people must be registered members to get access to your content • A member dashboard, the home base for members once they log in • Other... (Read More ...)