People like Joe Beda, Mark Lucovsky who have left other organizations to work with Google say that they like the way they are treated and they have made the right decision in joining Google.

Google software engineer Joe Beda and Mark Lucovsky find Google a better place to work than Microsoft.

Joe Beda in his blog says he was a little scared when he left Microsoft but now he feels better. “It is one year later and I’m sure that I made the right decision. I’ve been much happier over the last year at Google. I’m sure some of it was the excitement of just doing something different, but a lot of it really came from the energy of those I work with”.

Dan Farber of ZDNet, has translated a letter of Dr. Kai-Fu Lee who has left Microsoft to join Google and whose case is pending in court.

The letter quotes Lee as saying, “Microsoft is an outstanding company, and there are many things we can learn from it. But Google is a company that makes me feel a shock. The reason Google gives me a shock is the passion for creating a new generation of technology. I found treasures in Google everywhere. The technology and products are way beyond just the search”.

Google even attracts college students with a Pizza eating job.

Here’s how it works: One lucky computer science student on selected campuses gets a starting budget of $500 to spend on pizza to feed the other students. He has to use Google plates and napkins. Google Pizza Ambassadors can request as much pizza money as they need.

The job requires computer science majors with “strong pizza eating skills” to commit to the program for one year. Posting pictures of Google pizza party also seems to be part of the deal.

“Google hopes that its small investment pays off later in the form of talented grads flocking to the company on the strength of its gesture,” writes Adam at Slice, a weblog devoted exclusively to pizza.