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Sunday, February 7, 2016
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Latest News

How to use Chrome browser for all it’s worth

It’s surprising how many useful features browser creators place in these products we use every day, far more than “click a link to go to a site” the original purpose of browsers. Any modern browser has functions that can simplify your online life, some of them built into the browser itself, and others added by plugins. Google seems... [Read more]

Apple Wants to Launch More Apps for Android?

PC Magazine reports unofficial leaks that IApple is interested in the app market for people using the rival Android operating system. Apple has been testing the waters with an Android app called Apple Music on Android. Prior to this, Apple released an Android app that helps people migrate their files (music, etc.) from Android to their new Apple product. In... [Read more]

Media Profit Revolution: how to buy profitable ad placements #ad

Timothy Miranda and Marcus Christian have been studying the process of buying ads in various media to find ways to build their affiliate and CPA businesses. They have found that paying for ads can be productive and can result in a significant increase in their commissions. They have shared their tested and refined process in Media Profit Revolution. There’s... [Read more]

How to build a profitable eCommerce site with free traffic #ad

If you are looking for the steady income stream eCommerce can provide and you don’t have much money to promote your store, then check out FreeCom Blueprint. Tom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah, and Ali Ahmed say that whether you are brand new or an experienced marketer, you will learn lots of new and free ways to get targeted traffic to your stores. Some... [Read more]

4 New Social Media Platforms You Can Use To Promote Your Business

It can be hard to keep up with your social media marketing opportunities. There are so many platforms to choose from that knowing which are best is sometimes a challenge. Of course, you should make sure your business is represented on the “tried and true” Big 3: • Facebook • Twitter • Pinterest But, that’s not enough... [Read more]

‘How to Crowdsource Your Content Creation Ideas’ – MarketingProfs

Kelsey Meyer says, “Last week, I was sitting in front of my computer, drinking a glass of rosé, and letting season one of “Arrested Development” play in the background for the hundredth time. That’s the usual setup for my most inspired content creation sessions. Only, this time, I had nothing to write. It wasn’t my typical... [Read more]

‘A/B Testing: Cut through your KPIs by knowing your ultimate goal’ – MarketingExperiments

Kayla Wainwright says, “Marketers often struggle to know what metrics to use when trying to decide on the positioning of their marketing collateral. This can lead to many problems. At MECLABS Institute, the parent company of MarketingExperiments, we have run experiments and tests for over 20 years to help answer this question. Customers take... [Read more]

‘Google’s paid clicks jump 31% in the fourth quarter’ – Internet Retailer

Zak Stambor says, “On Google websites paid clicks rose 40%. Google Inc. grew its paid clicks on ads 31% across all sites and 40% across Google sites and those in its advertising network in the fourth quarter of 2015, the search giant reported today. The earnings release is the first financial statement since the company split into two segments:... [Read more]

PrezHero: Create Cloud-Based ‘Presentations’ and Videos #ad

Your product sales page is the heart of your selling process. Of course, it’s important to get traffic, targeted traffic and, of course, it’s important to deliver your product and service your clients’ needs, but unless your sales presentation holds your visitor’s attention and convinces them of how your product will meet their... [Read more]

‘4 Search Advertising Trends To Watch’ – Marketing Land

John Cosley says, “At this time of year, it’s worthwhile to consider what’s likely to occur in search advertising in 2016, so you can adjust your strategy if you’re behind the curve. I took some time to look at the trends we’re seeing at Bing Ads, where I work. Based on unprecedented access to search data, observing advertiser adoption... [Read more]

‘4 Sales Mantras to Memorize and Why They Work’ – Entrepreneur

Joe Robinson says, “1. Create certainty “There’s a big difference between getting someone to like your product and getting someone to buy,” says Derek Rucker, a social psychologist at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. They need to feel certain it’s right for them, so engage their doubts. “Challenge consumers to critique... [Read more]

‘What Tracking 13 Billion Email Opens Can Teach Us About the Current State of Email Engagement’ – HubSpot

John Bonini says, “Last year, we saw significant changes in marketing technology. Mobile and social search shifted marketer’s SEO efforts, and messaging apps started to introduce new ways for brands to connect with their audience. But one channel continued to hold the reputation of ‘ol reliable among marketing teams: email. Serving as one... [Read more]