In his latest email Ken McCarthy talks on “System 2011: Out-Googling Google”. [‘System Seminar’]

Ken says, “Every year before the annual System Seminar, I interview each faculty member in detail.

These interviews are designed to give you immediately actionable information that you can apply to your
business profitably right now.

The guest for our first System Seminar interview this year is David Antley…not a household name…but check this out:

1. Helped start the Houston Chronicle’s online division when they were practically the only major
newspaper online.

2. Worked with Mark Cuban as he ramped up
from a $2 million investment to a $6.7 billion (that’s billion with a ‘b’) sale.

3. Early employee at GoTo which became Overture which was bought by Yahoo and which was THE pioneer of pay-per-click advertising.

Note: This thumbnail bio is just the tip of the iceberg of the depth of David’s background.

This call with be of SPECIAL INTEREST to anyone who is using Google AdWords as a traffic source and it is MUST LISTENING to anyone who has ramped up their monthly ad buy to $5,000 a month or more.

If you fall into one of those categories, take the time to learn what David has discovered about AdWords. It could well be the most profitable use of your time all year.



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