Tiffany Dow’s latest blog post is titled “Home and Garden Niche Monetization Mentoring Part 9”.

Dow says, “Hi everyone! Today we’re going to discuss how to pick a product to showcase on your site. This lesson brought to you, courtesy of! So as you know in the membership there, you get a certain number of specific product reviews. Those are given to you – but how can you add additional content to your site?

I’m going to show you 7 ways to find products to promote here today:

1. Look for other PLR reviews.  Might sound kind of weird, but I’m advising you to go check out all of my competitors – look to see who else has PLR in the same niche for you. Look for lawn, garden, electronic, and appliance PLR”.

Home and Garden Niche Monetization Mentoring Part 9

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