Jason Fladlien is hosting a webinar on Friday, December 28 at 3.00 pm PT. The topic of the webinar is “Perpetual Zero Cost Marketing for 2013”.

Fladlien says, “What are your marketing plans for 2013? Will you spend a lot of money on marketing tools or will you MAKE more money while spending nothing?

The Czar of Zero Cost, Dan Hollings will reveal his latest discoveries in the world of Zero Cost Marketing in an exclusive brain dump like nothing he’s done before. Best of all, you’re invited.

Perhaps you’ve heard about his popular Zero Cost Marketing Secrets program (a 4-session program) released back in mid-2012… program participants were able to drop their marketing costs to zero immediately after learning Dan’s “Secrets of Zero.” Not bad, huh?

In this upcoming free webinar Dan will reveal how you can get that entire 4-session training for free (a 534 value), PLUS he’ll take you deeper into this mind-blowing topic by showing you how you can make money perpetually in 2013 (without spending a dime).

Here’s the kicker… this time round, Dan has promised something new… something he calls PERPETUAL ZERO. If something in the back of your mind is telling you, “This Can’t Be True”… don’t listen. Dan has brought in millions doing this. You can too.

Don’t spend another dime on anything until you’ve heard Dan Hollings talk some serious Zero”.

Webinar Details

Organizer: Jason Fladlien

Topic: Perpetual Zero Cost Marketing for 2013

Day/Date: Friday, December 28

Time: 3.00 pm PT – Time Zone Converter

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‘Perpetual Zero Cost Marketing for 2013’ Webinar