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Monday, August 29, 2016
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Internet Marketing Tips ’ Category

‘Five ways to utilize your data to increase sales – Econsultancy

Shaun Haase says, “Big data is one of the most underutilized resources available to businesses today. Only 0.5% of data available is used, as the sheer amount and complexity of the data intimidates companies. Many believe that only large enterprises have the resources to utilize big data, yet small businesses can easily take advantage of it as well. Making sense of this information can be overwhelming, but once you discover a way to integrate it into your own decision-making process, you’ll quickly realize the myriad of new sales opportunities that are now at your disposal. 1. Analyze... (Read More ...)

‘How to Get 30% Off Our Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes’ – Copyblogger

Jerod Morris says, “Only a few days left before this offer expires … On Tuesday, I alerted you to the massive StudioPress blowout sale going on this week. Basically, it’s our big annual Black Monday discount delivered three months in advance. The details couldn’t be simpler: Until the offer expires on Tuesday, August 30 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, you get 30 percent off everything we sell at StudioPress. Everything“. How to Get 30% Off Our Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes Copyblogger  (Read More ...)

‘Marketing Video: How to Rise Above the Social Media Noise’ – MarketingProfs

Shannon Matthews says, “Everyone is on social media. And that’s not (much of) an exaggeration: There are more than 2.3 billion active social media users worldwide in 2016, according to We Are Social. That number is up 10% from 2015. With billions of users all over the world, social media is a great platform for sharing your message. But with so many users comes a lot of extra noise. So how do you rise above it and grab your audience’s attention? You may already be following best-practices and boosting your engagement on social media with simple tactics such as pictures in your... (Read More ...)

‘How to Stay One Step Ahead With Your Marketing Campaigns’ – Small Business Trends

Drew Hendricks says, “In the last few years, small businesses have invested larger and larger portions of their revenue into marketing, a crucial, yet notoriously delicate part of any business’ growth and longevity. A successful marketing campaign can increase sales, raise your prestige, and allow you to compete with larger companies, but for small businesses there’s not much room for error. It’s too easy to pour valuable resources into undercooked marketing campaigns with limited ROI. But how can one know what campaigns are designed to triumph? Marketing is all about maximizing conversions.... (Read More ...)

‘5 Methods for Keeping Your Content Goals on Track’ –

Christopher Jan Benitez says, “Consumers don’t like to be sold to. Instead, businesses need to educate their audience through compelling content that empowers individuals to make informed purchasing decisions, which is where content marketing comes in. By consistently producing interesting and informative content, your business can make stronger and lasting connections with consumers. Whether you are just developing a strategy or if you need to revisit your current plan, here are five ways that you can improve your content marketing strategy: 1. Make Sure Your Strategy Is Documented It’s... (Read More ...)

‘6 Link-Building Tips for Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs’ – Entrepreneur

Josh Denning says, “It’s no secret: If you want to rank high on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), you need to make backlinking a priority. The more backlinks you receive from authoritative websites, the more trust you’ll have in the eyes of Google, the more traffic it will send you and the more more high-quality leads you’ll generate for your business. The problem, though, is most link research and backlink checker tools are costly, and when you’re bootstrapping a startup, you money is best allocated elsewhere. While much has been written on backlinking, little has been... (Read More ...)

‘Optimizing your internal link structure’ – Search Engine Land

Dave Davies says, “Let’s begin by quickly talking about what an internal link is. An internal link is a link from a webpage to another resource on the same domain. That resource may be another webpage (what we’ll be focusing on here) but can also include links to media files, downloads and more. Here are two primary considerations we need to make when thinking about our website’s internal link structure: 1. Users. Obviously, you should first consider when thinking about where to place links on a page and where they should lead. We want to get users from where they are to where they... (Read More ...)

‘How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar in 4 Simple Steps’ – Shopify

Kevin Donnelly says, “Do you know what you’re going to post on Facebook tomorrow? How about next week? Planning out your business’ content in advance is a key part of building a social media strategy that actually works. Unfortunately, for many business owners, content planning often gets pushed to the backburner. It’s not surprising either—as an entrepreneur, your time is usually spent handling tasks that need to be tackled immediately: Shipping out orders, putting out customer service fires, and keeping your business one step ahead of the competition. Your days are busy and you... (Read More ...)

‘Four ways PPC has evolved beyond simply targeting keywords on desktop searches’ – Econsultancy

Lauren Evans says, “Paid search has evolved way beyond the traditional keyword-based desktop ads where it all started. The latest quarterly data from Kenshoo indicates that 62% of clicks and 60% of impressions from search ads now come from ad types other those that involve bidding on keywords entered into desktop searches. So what makes up these other clicks and impressions and why? 1. Phone and tablet ads No prizes for guessing that mobile ads are now one of the biggest areas of search advertising, and smartphones lead the way. In fact, in the second quarter of this year, spend directed... (Read More ...)

‘A Beginner’s Guide to SEO that Works’ – Copyblogger

Brian Gardner says, “On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Rebecca Gill of Web Savvy Marketing. She is a WordPress developer, an SEO consultant, and a general business consultant. She’s an active member of the WordPress community, participating as a WordCamp speaker, podcast guest, and SEO educator”. A Beginner’s Guide to SEO that Works Copyblogger  (Read More ...)