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Wednesday, May 25, 2016
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Internet Marketing Tips ’ Category

‘Marketing and Grilling Have More in Common Than You Think′ – ‘Convince & Convert’ Blog

Tim Copp says, “May is my favorite time of year. In Indianapolis, it means everything is in bloom, Memorial Day is around the corner, and you can literally smell the burning rubber from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! In my house, it also means it’s time to fire up the grill. I must have had marketing on the brain during my last cookout because the gears started to turn on why I love them both. Then it occurred to me—they’re actually more similar than you might initially think. Here’s why. 1. Both Require the Best Ingredients “Good” truly is the enemy of “great.” It’s the... (Read More ...)

‘Why should marketers fight email fraud?’ – Experian Marketing Forward

Brian Westnedge says, “It is no secret to digital marketers that email delivers business value. 72 percent of customers rate email as the most preferred method of communication and for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI. Unfortunately, the most valuable marketing channel is also the least secure. Every day, marketers pay a hidden phishing tax—in lost brand trust, in reduced email performance, and in diminished ROI. Email fraud costs companies around the world billions, and can destroy brand reputation—customers are 42 percent less likely to interact with a brand after... (Read More ...)

‘Six Places to Focus to Make your Website a Revenue Generator’ – MarketingSherpa Blog

Brian Carrol says, “We have more digital marketing channels than ever before, but it’s become even harder to connect with customers. In my role as chief evangelist for MECLABS Institute, MarketingSherpa’s parent company, I get to talk to marketers and thought leaders daily. One thing’s become clear, that there is a growing divide between those who are fully engaged with digital marketing and those who are still figuring out the fundamentals. When I read the report by Kristin Zhivago, President of Cloud Potential, on “revenue road blocks,” I wanted to see what she’s discovered... (Read More ...)

‘Social Media vs. Content: Where Should You Invest?’ – MarketingProfs

Rohan Ayyar says, “Content, or social media? Deciding where to put your investment—of money, time, and effort—isn’t easy. And the ROI of both is notoriously difficult to measure. Moreover, social media and content marketing are often presented as the same thing, which muddies the matter even more. So how do you decide where to put your efforts? And once you decide, how do you go about it? What’s the Difference and Why? At first glance, content marketing and social media seem to overlap so much that it sounds like a distinction without a difference. If I do a tweet storm or... (Read More ...)

‘5 brilliant headline hacks for crazy high organic click-through rates’ – Marketing Land

Larry Kim says, “What is the most important ranking factor? Ask 1,000 SEOs, and you’ll get a wide variety of answers. Getting links and creating great content would definitely be two of the more popular answers, and for good reason. After all, that’s what Google says are the two most important ranking factors. But there’s one other factor you can — and should be — focusing on. It’s something that could double your traffic. Yet so many people are overlooking it. Your organic click-through rate”. 5 brilliant headline hacks for crazy high organic click-through rates Marketing... (Read More ...)

‘Breaking Down Virality: An Analysis of 4 Posts That Went Viral’ – HubSpot

Jennifer Johnson says, “Trying to go viral? It seems like everyone is these days. That’s because having a post take off can benefit your brand’s reputation tremendously — just look at how the blue and black dress (or was it white and gold?) affected BuzzFeed’s traffic. While the success of a viral post often hinges on chance, my team at Alexa set out to uncover some of the common characteristics of viral content to help others inform their content strategies. In doing so, we examined four “viral” posts using our competitive intelligence tool to analyze website... (Read More ...)

‘Is “Mobile Approval” An Oxymoron?’ – Forrester

Duncan Jones says, “I’ve recently been studying what a customer-obsessed operating model means for Purchasing functions and the software they use. I’ve concluded that Purchasing needs to transform its approach to visibility and control, due to the tradical impact that Mobility has on procure-to-pay (P2P) processes. I’ve been warning ePurchasing software companies for years about the potential impact of Mobility, but while a few visionaries have heard and acted on the message, most are lagging behind. That may be OK while their customers – mostly Finance and Procurement professionals... (Read More ...)

‘One Skill that Will Take Your Writing from Good to Great’ – Copyblogger

Kelly Exeter says, “Halfway through the writing course, our instructor — not known for being one to sugar-coat — threw out a challenge: “Send me a favorite piece of your writing and I’ll critique it; I’ll tell you whether or not it’s any good. The only catch is, I’ll be critiquing it in front of the entire class.” A surprising number of us (bristling with hope and hubris I suppose) took up the offer. The ensuing session was, to date, the most illuminating experience I’ve had as a writer. The key message we all took away? Not that we needed to self-edit more tightly or have... (Read More ...)

‘Facebook’s busy May 2016 provides new opportunities for marketers’ – Econsultancy

Andrew Chrysostom says, “It’s been a busy month at Facebook, and that’s before it got accused of censoring certain political views. Let’s look at some of the biggest changes recently. Since the F8 conference in April, Facebook has been rolling out tweaks to its products on a weekly basis. Obviously this means that brands will have to adjust their content strategies, but where should they be focusing? Audience Network rolls out on desktop The launch of Facebook’s Audience Network increased the reach of its native advertising by redistributing it to third-party apps, but now the... (Read More ...)

‘The Landscape of Mobile Search is Changing – How Will You Adapt?’ – MOZ

Bridget Randolph says, “Mobile search as a topic has changed a lot over the past few years. When I first started looking at this, back in 2012, there was already a lot of discussion happening around the topic of mobile. And back then, the big question everyone was asking was, “what should my mobile strategy be?” Even then, things were shifting. At one of my early conference presentations on the topic, I made the point that we should stop thinking about a “mobile strategy” as different from our web strategy, because mobile technology was becoming simply another way to access the Internet.... (Read More ...)