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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Internet Marketing Tips ’ Category

‘3 A/B Testing Case Studies from Smart Brand-Side Marketers’ – MarketingExperiments

Courtney Eckerle says, “When you’re embarking on a new campaign, or a launching a new CMS, there are a million things that can go wrong. To which I say: GOOD. Bring it on. That’s what testing is all about, right? Letting the things that will go wrong, go wrong – but tracking it every step of the way. That, my friends, is the difference between a mistake and a “learning.” See that positive spin? As the Managing Editor of MarketingSherpa (MarketingExperiment’s sister site) I have covered hundreds of marketing campaigns by companies, and generally they are focused more on high-level... (Read More ...)

‘Think Like a Troll, Act Like a Brand: How @Charmin organically grew their Twitter account to superstar status’ – MarketingSherpa

Paul Cheney says, “Twitter is a tough place to be for anyone; large brands are no exception. But in addition to the cynicism, they have to balance pleasing their customers and their shareholders – a fine line to walk when you’re trying to grow an account. But what if you were a large brand that sold toilet paper? What if all you had to tweet about was little pieces of paper that people use to wipe their asses with? For Marie Bonaccorse Hackman and her small editorial team at Charmin, it was a playground of nutrient-rich material for tweeting. “I was there from March of 2011 until... (Read More ...)

‘The Surprising Holiday Marketing Tactic Retailers Should Try’ – Small Business Trends

Rieva Lesonsky says, “You’re getting your store ready for the holidays by putting out festive décor, developing an email marketing campaign, boosting your local search optimization and planning your social media attack. But one holiday marketing tactic that might not be on your radar could actually be highly effective: direct mail. Direct mail influences holiday purchases for 77 percent of shoppers, a study by Epsilon reports. By comparison, just 41 percent of respondents say online banner ads influence their decisions. Why the love for direct mail? Respondents say direct mail usually... (Read More ...)

‘Stop Making These 5 Lead Gen Mistakes’ –

Sarah Quinn says, “Leads are the lifeblood of any business. After all, without leads, there can be no sales. Lead generation is the act of establishing interest in your products or services among a target market. Lead gen is a tricky business because leads can be at different stages in the buyer journey and therefore require different levels of nurturing. Here are 5 lead gen mistakes that you have to stop making if you want to increase sales. 1. You’re too general We’ve all heard the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” this is not how you want customers... (Read More ...)

‘Survey: Almost 40% of US consumers will make a mobile purchase during holidays’ – Marketing Land

Matt McGee says, “A recent study from ad tech company Fluent shows that about 40 percent of US consumers plan to make at least one purchase this holiday season on a mobile device. And age is one of the key factors in whether the consumer plans to do any mobile shopping. The company surveyed nearly 2,000 US consumers in late September to ask about their holiday shopping plans and found that 39 percent said they plan to make at least one purchase on a mobile device this year. Younger shoppers are more likely to go mobile: Almost half of those aged 18–44 say they’ll use a mobile device,... (Read More ...)

‘How travel brands are capturing millennial interest on mobile’ – Econsultancy

Nikki Gilliland says, “There’s nothing quite like a bit of holiday research to get you through a rainy day. Now, according to new stats from Signal, more of us than ever are using our smartphones to do it. With 46% of millennials planning a trip using their mobile in the past year, it is the younger generation that is driving the digital shift. So, how exactly are travel brands catering to mobile users, and more specifically, millennial mobile users? Here’s a closer look. Piquing initial interest Google uses the term ‘micro-moments‘ to describe the times when we reach for... (Read More ...)

‘How to Create Impact That Endures (Instead of Ending Up in a Landfill)’ – Copyblogger

Brian Clark says, “This week’s guest on The Digital Entrepreneur remains wholeheartedly enthusiastic about captaining her own ship … even if, in her words, it’s a “rowboat” compared to the larger vessel for which she is an Executive VP. She’s spent the better part of this decade teaching savvy business owners how to boost their marketing skills, and in this episode she discusses some lessons she has learned along the way. She is Pamela Wilson, and she is a digital entrepreneur. In this 40-minute episode, Pamela and I discuss: The motivation behind her new book, Master Content... (Read More ...)

‘5 Stupid Phone Mistakes Ruining Your Sales Pipeline’ – Entrepreneur

Marc Wayshak says, “Many social media gurus would have you believe that the era of phone prospecting is dead and gone — but they couldn’t be more wrong. With your competitors making fewer phone calls than ever before, the phone is now a jackpot of untapped sales potential. But phone calls need to be done well, or else — quite frankly — they’re totally useless. Unfortunately, most salespeople make some pretty obvious mistakes when it comes to phone prospecting. These mistakes kill their sales pipelines and waste huge opportunities for closing more deals. If you master... (Read More ...)

‘Is Dec. 23 the New Black Friday?’ – Small Business Trends

Shubhomita Bose says, “Black Friday, traditionally the biggest day for retailers, is losing its sheen. That’s according to the latest forecast by in-store data analytics firm RetailNext. According to the report, Black Friday is neither the biggest nor the busiest day this holiday season. The Busiest and Biggest Shopping Day of 2016 In terms of sales, Friday, December 23, is expected to be the biggest shopping day of 2016. Store traffic is expected to be highest on Super Sunday, December 17. “This year, with Christmas falling on a Sunday, most shoppers will want to cut short their shopping... (Read More ...)

’25 Fantastic Examples of Brands Using Instagram’ – Entrepreneur

Sujan Patel says, “With more than 400 million active monthly users, Instagram has grown into a social network that businesses need to pay attention to. It’s more than just a photo-sharing site — it’s a way to engage fans and show off the best side of your business. Just look at this list of 25 companies that have mastered their brand focus on Instagram. 1. Lowes Lowes does a smart job of promoting its products on Instagram: The company connects with users by showing people real-world applications for the products it sells. 2. Starbucks To promote its brand and connect with customers... (Read More ...)